Where does this networking group meet?

Answer – We meet every other Tuesday at 12:00 noon for lunch at Hoss’s Steak And Sea House, 61 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.

Can I visit?

Answer – Yes, you are permitted to visit two meetings ONLY after a member has confirmed that your business does not overlap with a type already represented in the network.  For example, your business as a stamp collector would be permitted because there is not another stamp collector service represented in the group.  You would not however be able to visit, if you were representing a lemonade stand, if a juice stand was already represented in the group.   YOU MUST NOTIFY A GROUP MEMBER THAT YOU WILL BE ATTENDING ON A CERTAIN DATE AND BE GIVEN AN INVITATION SO WE CAN PREPARE FOR YOUR VISIT.

How often does the group meet?

Answer – Every two weeks.  Please see our calendar on this website.

What time does the group meet?

Answer – 12 -1 PM

What are the membership fees?

Answer – A $25.00 non-refundable application fee is required with your application.  The dues are $ 60.00 per quarter which includes your lunch for each meeting.  A discount of $15.00 is available for the single payment for one full years membership.  These dues are required whether a member participates in each meeting or not.

Is the application available for me to review?

Answer – Yes, please check the website for the current application and send it with your application check to our PO Box listed on the website.

How are the dues used?

Answer – The dues are used to cover the luncheon, the rent for our meeting place , overhead and any other expenses the Board of Directors believes to be appropriate.

What is the attendance requirement?

Answer – Members are not permitted to miss more than three consecutive meetings per quarter.  A different representative from your company may be present at the meeting in your place.


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Welcoming New Members

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